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Save logs to the file system in production mode


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HTTP request logger middleware for node.js

Log HTTP requests to the file system


var fileMorgan = require('file-morgan')

fileMorgan(format, options)

Create a new file-morgan logger middleware function using the given format and options. The format (same as morgan module) argument may be a string of a predefined name (see morgan predefined name) or a string of compiled format string (see morgan compile function).

// BASIC EXAMPLE: save logs to a file named `access.log` placed in the `logs` directory

This will log all requests with error code 400 or higher to logs/access.log.

This will only occur if NODE_ENV is set to production or forceProductionMode is set to true. Else all requests will be logged to the console (‘dev’ format).


Options is the same as morgan module. Just added the following properties:

The option stream is removed/overwriten.


Used for developers to force logging when your application is not running in production mode. Default is false


For performance watching files is optional. When watching files on changes an change event is emitted. Default is false


When set to true a new log file will be created on daily basis. The format of the file is filename-date.log, where the filename is default access and the date is formatted as year-month-day (YYYYMMDD).


Will be used when useStreamRotator is set to true and will overwrite the default setting (YYYYMMDD).


Default is access.log.


Default is logs

// EXAMPLE: save logs to a file named 'errors-28022017.log'
fileMorgan('common', {
	useStreamRotator: true,
	dateFormat: 'DDMMYYYY',
	fileName: 'errors.log',
	directory: 'logfiles'


For now file-morgan emits one event called change, as defined in SUPPORTED_EVENTS. To listen to events call on(eventName, listener) or addListener(eventName, listener)


The change event is emitted when a file has changed in the directory where logs are saved.


To listen to events there are two methods that can be used.

addListener(eventName, listener)

Alias for on(eventName, listener).

on(eventName, listener)

Adds the listener function for the event named eventName. The listener callback gets two arguments (path, stats). path is the path of the file that has changed, and stats are the stats (see fs.stats) of the file that has changed.

fileMorgan.on('change', function(path, stats) {
	console.log('File ' + path + ' changed size to ' + stats.size)

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